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Woman travel alone by Motor-Bike

Recently, the young ladies have completed their long journey all over Vietnam Travel  for 45 days with their motorbikes.

Zhu Hai Yen did not hesitate to inspire and share in details for those who have passion, want to carry a backpack and go like yourself.

The girl conquered more than 5400km from Hanoi to Cape Ca Mau. (Photo: Zhuhai Yen)
After many trips in the North, Zhu Hai Yen hugged her a long journey that she said this is “Trip to Life”. The image of the little girl conquering more than 5400km from Hanoi to Cape Ca Mau, experiencing 45 days has provoked Vietnamese communist typhoon.

Yen wrote on his personal page: “Like other young people, Yen always has a dream and intense desire to do when young, healthy, single and passionate that is driving Traveling around the country, Vietnam. Go for passion, go for the fun, bong satisfaction, the area.

Going to see how beautiful his country, life, people across 3 regions. Going to be confronted, smeared himself before the wind, wind along the road when there is only one body alone. And also to chiu a little living capital out there take home “.

On a long trip in April and May, Yen spent 45 days across the country with a total cost of 30 million dong. Running a motorbike throughout a journey of 5400km is not easy, she also shared a car fell once in Phu Quoc. Below is a detailed sharing of Zhuhai Yen about his trip.

Preparing for the trip

Psychological fear is easy to encounter with many people in the long journey. “But there is nothing to be scared of, you have enough passion, confidence and understanding, and you will run on the roads of your country, in the same language as you. ”

“With Yen, both before and during the trip, there is not a moment that I feel fear, anxiety, depression or fatigue. Never thought of regret or want to return early. Because I simply want to travel this trip, too love the car I’m running, too love the way I’m going, too longing to travel, “Yen wrote. Before the trip, she prepared everything thoroughly.

For those who have chosen to travel by motorbike like Yen, going with a car you like is like a dose of stimulants, the more inspiration for the trip. A good car, maintenance before the journey, regular care on the trip will minimize the risk of small, errands on your way. And it would be a perfect companion.

According to personal opinion of Yen, if the long distance motorcycles are say no to “hug”. You should run a car alone whether you are alone or even in groups because when a car will be flexible, easier to handle and handle the situation on the road. Traffic is also less heavy and more gaily.

The second is a card ATM for yourself. If you have chosen to drive long-distance motorbikes and adventure then let your mind concentrate on the road, on the playground and think about where you are going, what you eat, and where you sleep at night. where. Do not go out and worry about money. On the road, in addition to eating, sleeping and gasoline, there are also a lot of expenses for tickets, boat trips to the island, entrance tickets, many different names.

The third is luggage, backpacks, bags – something extremely important for the trip. Because of the long ride, it is a must to do every day. Accompanied by hot weather or wind and rain, the best to carry must be calculated and fully equipped, minimalist, not petty but still enough use.


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