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Speeding up: ‘carrying’ lives up and away travelling by motorcycle

Everyone has the passion to travel, explore new destinations, strange, but put his life on the trip is something to condemn.
Two girls riding motorcycles 40 hours Saigon – Hanoi controversial

In recent years the word “phượt” has become so familiar to many people. This is a form of traveling by motorbike, bicycle, even walking, not on a fixed journey, such as tour companies. The goat will self-control time, travel, eat, rest of his own.

Can anyone give a specific timeline to know when to start? Only know that, when the boys, foreign girls, carrying behind the big balloon, on the motorbike, roamed all the roads, all regions of Vietnam, defining pho and flow From that came the birth.

But from the beauty, civilization is gradually being transformed into different types of pho, causing pain for the passion and the whole society. Here, I am referring to a kind of metaphor of pho: Speed, and sharing personal views about this type.

Speeding, traveling by live betting

On the whole, most of the speed is in the late night, when the traffic is empty, running at the maximum possible speed of the car.

Trying to find the words “speedy”, resulting in hundreds of videos back to the car scene soaring overnight at a speed of 130 – 160 km / h, even up to 250 – 290 km / h. , a terrible speed.

According to the 2-second rule of traffic, people need time to receive information and provide a treatment plan.

For example, with a 40 km / h speed, the car can travel 11 meters per second, in dry conditions and good weather. With the speed at 120 km / h, the minimum safety distance between the two vehicles must be over 130 meters to ensure the reception time, handling unexpected situations occur.

But the fact is that most high speed trains do not keep this distance. Most of them ran close together, so when the unexpected situation, the accident is inevitable.

Dozens of cases, hundreds of articles, thousands of social network share cases of traumatic accidents at speed is a testament to that.

Given that fact, which families support their children entrusted with life on the speeding car? These speeding beats not only endanger themselves but also those around them.

Do not bet your life on speed

Going is going to experience, discover. The new journey is the most attractive in the journey, but with speed, this is pointless.

I personally received many invitations to go far and near, but all my trips at night, high speed trips, I refused absolutely. The reason is that at night, when people are not awake, the lighting conditions are not good, besides it is the danger stalking like robbers, traffic accidents are always on the trip.

Never bet between your life and the trip. A good trip will be an unforgettable experience. But a bad trip will be an unproductive consequence, which can pay off with injuries, more than your own life.

A long human life, not because of the youthful hype, the social movement, or the words ask, challenged to “take life up and go.”

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