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Prepare to travel by motor bike


tems to prepare when riding by motorcycle

With every trip, you always have to carefully prepare furniture to have a complete and safe trip. Today vietnam motor cycle will guide you to prepare furniture in the most complete and detailed.

>> A set of hints for bikers.
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1. Vehicles
1.1 Whole car maintenance
1.2 Identity card
1.3 Equip the vehicle
2. Traveling goods
3. Prepare for the group
+ Change oil before going.
+ Check the tires before the trip, ensure the tire is still good grip and not “bite”. It is best to replace the entire new tire, if the grip begins to decrease, should also change.
+ Check the battery, horn, headlights, taillights, turn signals, bugs … All must be in the best condition!
+ Make 2 mirrors.
+ ID card (should have)
+ Vehicle registration (required)
+ Driver’s license (required)
+ Car insurance (compulsory)
+ Passport (in case you want to leave the border area – should have)


+ INSURANCE COVER (should use the glass, the more airtight the better): go general is risky so need to use a good hat, do not use only the type of “deal”.

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+ ACCESSORIES (cover ear): works to keep the ear is very good!

+ BAGS FOR FITTING, DRIVING: Full range of tools for car repair, light repair, car pump, should be prepared also small rubber hose and 1.5 lavage water tank to use in case of gasoline suction between the car or buy an emergency petrol.

+ WELCOME: There should be 3-4, so backpack behind and in front of the car. The best way is to cut the tires from the automobile tubes in the shops selling construction materials.

+ SÄM, BUGI: each car is prepared in 2 and 1 in accordance with the type of car in his right style!

+ 02 VEHICLE DRIVER: car 1 – hold 1 (if the car goes lonely, the other car between the car).

+ PACKAGING NILON GOLD COLOR (each car from 5 to 7 bags) + adhesive tape: used in the case of fog (encounter the fog, quickly take this bag cover the car light, Dazzling for the opposite vehicle and making the driver’s eyesight decrease when going in the fog.
NOTE: TO BE PRESERVED BEFORE ON THE ROAD: The principle of marching troops is to try not stop spilling petrol along the road so before leaving the car must fill with gasoline, Charge for fuel at certain points (except for emergencies).

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– BA LOT: Each vehicle should:

+ 01 small balo – to the front of the motorcycle: Contains urgent and often used equipment on the road such as: camera, raincoat (anti-indications raincoat bat); (before the rain in the rain, “the sudden rain” will not “make me confused”); water (each car needs 2 bottles of lavie 0.5l + 1 bottle of tea or coffee), snacks (snacks, candies, …), flashlight, medicine.

+ 01 postal bag – use balo: there are 2 big compartments for both the car and the hug. Extremely useful when traveling long distances, as if forced back balo, the time to pour gasoline will be extended and most importantly the small seat, causing difficulty for both car and hug.

– ELECTRONICS (phone, music player, camera, battery charger …)

+ Phone: strong waves, “buffalo” battery, headphones (should use headphones to avoid accidents), GPS is better (in case … cow). SIM should use one of three operators: Vinaphone / MobiFone / Viettel have good coverage in remote areas.

+ Charge the battery: camera, phone … >> avoid the case forget at home, then only the way to hate

+ Music player (ipod, sony walkman …): music also helps to reduce sleepiness, especially when you just fluttered between the vast mountains and clam ngao singing … “the man does not butterfly flowers”

– ROUTING: On the road, especially in extreme weather conditions, riding glasses is extremely important. There should be two types of glasses:

Daytime Glasses: It can be sunglasses, sunglasses, discolored glass.
+ Night goggles: white glasses.


+ Gloves driver (very should have gloves when going) make sense, tight grip, help scratches to hand the car accident unfortunately crashed down the road.Huong-dan-cach-dong-goi-do-dac-vao-balo-du-lich
+ Nylon gloves: In case of rain, the whole household should bring all kind of plastic gloves before going to warm gloves. Winter should wear leather gloves for warmth. There should be two pairs of gloves to change when dew or wet rain.
– PAGE: It is not possible to bring 3 spare boxes (if there is the best towel, warm and comfortable can be used to keep the neck warm)

+ Walking shoes: prepare yourself to use sports shoes or climbing (refer to Fan climbing experience)
+ Plastic slippers: Should bring more pairs in the backpack to wade the stream or soles


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