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New motor cycle launched in Vietnam

Let’s take a look at the popular models, the engine capacity of less than 150cc and have information about the official selling price or specific launch time.

Honda MSX 125

The largest motorcycle company in Vietnam launched an upgraded version of the minibike – the MSX 125, with the inclusion of LED headlamps instead of the previous halogen lamps.



In addition, a number of minor changes to the design are more handy for Honda to apply to this car, including new design dials (blue lights, mileage display, clock, Engine …), two-stage saddle, new design gasoline edge (more than a bit larger than the old version), lower exhaust pipe …


Currently, the new Honda MSX 125 is still imported from Thailand with the engine of 12.5 liters of electronic fuel injection (9.4 HP, 10.6 Nm) with the price of 49.9 million dong, down 10 million compared with old version.

Honda Lead 125

The biggest change for this model is the provision of intelligent locking system (similar to the high-end SH model), plus the vehicle positioning feature that makes the car more user-friendly. While the main drawer is kept in 37 liters, in the front, the small niche increases volume (500ml), accompanied by an additional opening / opening for added convenience.

The new Honda is still powered by the 125cc eSP engine with the advantages of electronic fuel injection, intermittent stop and ACG … for smoother and more economical operation.


Honda Vietnam said that until early August, the price and the first models of this new lead new official customer.

Suzuki GD 110 HU

This car was officially launched in Vietnam market with the price of 28.5 million. This car is located in the backbone segment using a 110cc engine air-cooled and uses a carburetor, producing 8.4 horsepower.


Suzuki GD 110 HU does not use disc brakes, but all front / rear brakes use drum brakes. Some notable design features of the car include a fuel tank capacity of 8.5 liters, using an electric / mechanical starter system …

SYM Elite 50

The only model 50cc gas train produced and assembled in Vietnam is officially upgraded version, appeared at Vietnam Motorcycle Show 2017 with the price of 21.5 million.


The SYM Elite uses a 49.5cc engine with a carburettor attached to the air-cooled system and the electric / mechanical starter system.

Peugeot Django 125cc

Back in Vietnam from October 2016, Peugeot officially assembled domestic motorcycle after two months, and to Vietnam Motor Show 2017, Peugeot Django has a big change when it comes to with the gasoline injection system. Electronic, replacing carburetor with old technology.



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