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New from Honda Motorcyle show

Honda unveils new models at EICMA 2018 of biking vietnam motor show
Japanese car maker EICMA this year two new models including CB650R and CBR650R and three models are upgraded CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X.
Honda unveils new models at EICMA 2018
EICMA is the largest motor show in the world, held annually in Milan, Italy. This year’s event takes place from 6 to 11/11, bringing together many famous car manufacturers in the world. Honda exhibited its full range of products from Touring, Cruiser, Adventure, Offroad, Urban to Naked, Super Sports. Among the most noteworthy is the appearance of two new models and three more upgraded models.

Honda trình làng nhiều mẫu xe mới tại Triển lãm EICMA 2018

CB650R 2019

Honda unveils new models at EICMA 2018 – 1
Honda says it is working to expand and explore new limits in design as well as technology. By the year 2018, the CB1000R, CB300R and CB125R will bring a new look to the Naked bike. Models inspired by the Café Racer line in harmony with the design philosophy of minimalism, creating a completely new style called “Neo Sports Café”.

Honda CB650R 2019 has a retro design, minimalist, like other models in the Naked . CB650R 2019 is aimed at young customers who want to find a stylish, different car to express their personality. 4-cylinder engine with glossy black finish, engine shade and copper cam, making it a remarkable highlight. Compared with the previous CB650F, the car was lightweight over 6kg thanks to the chassis enhancements, fuel tank and footrest. The vehicle is also equipped with a Showa SFF reverse cage, four-piston brake pedal.

New steering wheel, bilateral help turn the car easier. CB650R uses front light bulbs like CB1000R, the whole system of lights on the car uses LED, LCD clock face with display information gearbox and digital shift indicator.

650cc 4-cylinder engine capable of producing 94 horsepower, maximum torque 64 Nm at 8,500 rpm with 6-speed gearbox. New aluminum castings, including 120/70-ZR17 front wheels and 180/55-ZR17 rear wheels. Double disc brakes with a diameter of 310mm with a fringe of waveform structure. Disc brakes after a diameter of 240mm, clamped by a brake hose plunger. Two-channel ABS is standard on this model.

This engine adjusts intake and exhaust valves, compression ratio and valve opening and closing times (control over the camshaft), which increases the maximum torque 5%, maximum torque in the midrange. . Maximum rpm increased to 12,000 rpm instead of 11,000 rpm on the CB650F. The two-way clutch makes the transmission smooth and easy, and the HSTC technology keeps the traction on the back of the tire.

Honda trình làng nhiều mẫu xe mới tại Triển lãm EICMA 2018 - 1

CBR650R 2019

Honda unveils new models at EICMA 2018 – 2
In the Super Sports segment, the CBR650R 2019 first appeared, inspired by the CBR1000RR Fireblade 2018 model. In place of the previous CBR650F, the “F” suffix changed to “R”. Sports designed for the driver. Honda hopes that this car will help the driver to discover, experience and enjoy the joy of every road.

The overall design of the car is highlighted by a four-cylinder engine. Sport cover, angular. Front double-clad bracket using LED. The seat is compact, the height is still 810mm, the seat is pure sports. The chassis is fitted with a clamping device mounted below the top of the suspension, giving the driver a further 30 millimeters and a lower height than the predecessor CBR650F. Footrest pushes back 3mm and 6mm higher.

The diamond chassis for the 2019 version, with the latching plate after punching, reduced by 1.9 kg compared to the previous design. Vehicles also use elliptical cylinders with special adjustable stiffness, stronger than the front end and more flexible in the middle of the engine enclosure. This offers balanced performance and better responsiveness. Vehicle volume dropped to 207 kg thanks to lighter frame, new gas tank design and new footrest.

The Showa SFF retractable front canal has the ability to adjust the damping and preload separately. Single-spring-type shock absorbers are directly connected to the cast aluminum wheels, with seven levels of pre-spring load regulation. Angle of inclination 25.5 degrees and traverse length 101mm with the same length 1,450mm.

Front brake with four pistons, with latches aligned with the disk brake surface. Double disc brake large size 310mm with disc brake discs wave structure, rear disc brakes with a diameter of 240mm, clamped by a brake piston brake 1. Two-channel ABS is standard on this model. Aluminum alloy wheels with a completely new design, equipped with front wheels with dimensions 120/70-ZR17 and rear wheels with dimensions 180/55-ZR17.

n terms of performance, Honda engineers have improved the 649cc engine block, DOHC 16 valve, which eliminates torque reduction at 5,500 rpm, 5% higher power output at top speed. 10,000 rpm, the maximum rpm increased by 1,000 rpm. Vehicles with a maximum capacity of 94 horsepower at 12,000 rpm cycle, maximum torque 64Nm at 8500 rpm tour.

Honda trình làng nhiều mẫu xe mới tại Triển lãm EICMA 2018 - 2

The CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X version 2019 with many upgrades

Since its first launch in 2013, Honda’s 500cc trios have received consumer confidence with more than 75,000 sales across Europe. The CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X are engineered to deliver better power and traction in the 3-7,000 rpm range, along with technologies.

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F

All three models are equipped with a new rear, anti-skid clutch, full LED car, improved LCD clock, add vehicle number display and digital shift indicator. Exhaust pipe with double exhaust gates, provides more powerful sound.

Model CB500F looks more sharp, car side panels with gasoline tank feel seamless for the whole car. The CBR500R has also been redesigned, inspired by the CBR1000RR Fireblade. The CBR500R is also redesigned for a more sporty feel.

Honda CBR500R

Honda CBR500R

The CB500X is also enhanced to emphasize the “X” (Adventure) with 19-inch front rims, longer front fork, thinner rider and wider steering angle, along with corner chassis. Stronger, stronger wind resistance.


Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X

The CB500X is also enhanced to emphasize the “X” (Adventure) with 19-inch front rims, longer front fork, thinner rider and wider steering angle, along with corner chassis. Stronger, stronger wind resistance.

Urban models

Honda’s urban urban vehicle segment also attracted the attention of the media and visitors with the SH300i. Vehicles equipped with HSTC force control technology and saddle box are controlled via Smart Key. The two lower versions, SH125 and SH150, add front face masks and black front foot pads. White version with silver front fenders.


Honda SH300i

Honda SH300i

Honda SH300i

In addition, at this year’s EICMA, a number of other noteworthy products also appeared, including CBR1000RR Fireblade, CBR1000RR Fireblade SP, X-ADV, CB1000R, Rebel 500, NC750X, Intergra, Gold Wing School.

Vietnamese customers wait from EICMA

Không gian trưng bày Honda Moto Shop chính hãng đầu tiên tại Việt Nam.In Vietnam, Honda officially participated in the large-displacement motorcycle segment in May with the first 5S Honda Moto Shop in District 3, HCMC. All models are imported complete from Thailand and Japan. The car’s portfolio ranges from Naked, Super Sports, Cruiser, Adventure and Touring.

This event attracts the attention of many Vietnamese customers for the large-displacement models that Honda Vietnam distributes. Representatives of Japanese car manufacturers said, by the end of 10/2018, total sales of the shop reached more than 570 vehicles.

The first Honda Moto Shop display space in Vietnam.

With the sales of large-displacement motorcycles, Honda Vietnam wants to bring the latest motorcycle models to the country. Thus, the Japanese car company to promote the spirit of the car and help satisfy the passion of the motorcycle enthusiasts. The company also said it would bring the latest models launched at EICMA 2018 to Vietnam in the near future.

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