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10 reason so travel vietnam by motor bike

10 reasons to travel by motorcycle right away

Vietnam Traveling by motorbike always brings exciting, new and unexpected experiences. When traveling by means of faster, more convenient you will not have the opportunity to feel. Immerse yourself in the path through romantic forest in Long An Our youth will go through dull without a trip to new land, exploring people, scenery, culture. So go to know, to understand and to love more than this life.

Depending on their preferences and economic circumstances, each person will have different travel options as well as different means of transportation. In spite of the increasing living conditions, traveling is also easier and easier than ever. For many years, the form of traveling by motorbike is still loved by young people. make a choice. Riding on a motorbike to new land always brings unique and inspirational discovery experiences that no other means can bring. 10 reasons to travel by motorcycle immediately – Photo 1. Also review the reasons why you should “car ride and go always” tomorrow! The motor will take you wherever you want The greatest advantage of motorcycles is the flexibility, a motorbike can conquer all the roads, whether rugged, bumpy, or muddy roads. You have to “surrender”. With the motorbikes, you can explore the endless offerings of each place where the journey passes. The car is selected as “friend of the road”, so ensure absolute durability, strong, can overcome many types of terrain without damage. If the car is capable of high fuel economy, good shock absorption and can carry as much luggage is even more useful. 10 reasons to travel with your motorcycle right away – Picture 2. Full view of the two sides of the road Feeling of driving through the vast rice fields of vast golden fields, the pass around the side of the cliffs are standing on one side of the blue sea to infinity, or the two sides of the flowing flowers are great. Thanks. 10 reasons to travel by motorcycle immediately – Picture 3.   10 reasons to travel by motorcycle immediately – Picture 3.   Beautiful scenery on the North Central Road. Beautiful scenery on the North Central Road. It is difficult to feel the vibrant, lively of these paintings through the car window, and only move by motorcycle, you can fully capture into the eyes of the scene all the colors. Even the most dense heart must vibrate. Stop taking pictures, chat with people Surely you will regret the gut if you do not collect the beautiful photos after each trip and even more unfortunate when the scene on both sides of the road goes awry ahead. Traveling by motorbike always allows you to stop along the way to enjoy the pictures, chat with people along the way. And so the fortune you get after each trip is not only the photos but also countless smiles, interesting stories told by the people … 10 reasons to travel by motorcycle immediately – Photo 5. Teach us how to handle, solve problems There are many problems that can arise on the road such as gasoline, broken car, or the car was stuck in a road too dangerous … Then you have to calm down with the problem team instead. because of anxiety. Unity, ability to work together, co-ordination with the team also from that is developed. Each trip always brings us useful lessons, necessary to be able to later handle the sudden difficult situations in life. Maximum cost savings Not every child has a purse, so the calculation of how to save absolutely for the trip is what everyone thought. Among them, the cost of fuel for the car is one of the items that specialists pay attention. Most have chosen for themselves the number of field vehicles that have long been confirmed the ability to save gas. However, in recent years, with the continuous innovation in the technology of manufacturers, the market has appeared many types of engines for gasoline also have the ability to consume fuel as efficiently as the. car code number. For example, during the recent Yamaha Blue Core Touring 2015, Grande cars have consistently set a record of fuel consumption in the presence of the crew members and the press, with at the rate of 1.2l / 100km of road. Powerful motorbikes will take you where you want to go. Powerful motorbikes will take you where you want to go. Traveling inexpensively gets rabbits


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